What is a Yoga Teacher Training Course Really Like?

What is a Yoga Teacher Training Course Really Like?

Since the pandemic, the importance of yoga and keeping one’s mental health in good spirits has become more than evident. As a result, more and more people are opting for such training including teacher training. In such training, it has been seen you get to connect with your inner self on a deeper self along with keeping a career path wide open for yourself. At Inner Yoga Training, we do offer an intensive Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) course designed to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga and equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a certified yoga teacher. Wish to know what such a training course is really like and how to become a yoga instructor? Well, this is the blog for you. 

The Curriculum at Inner Yoga Training’s YTT

It is an immersive experience that goes beyond just practicing yoga poses on the mat. Here, we cover a wide range of topics, including yoga philosophy, anatomy, asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, sequencing, teaching methodology, and more. You will dive deep into the history and philosophy of yoga, learning about ancient texts as well. You will also gain a solid understanding of human anatomy and how it relates to yoga practice, enabling you to teach safely and effectively.

Teacher Training Demonstrations

One of the highlights of a YTT course is the opportunity to practice teaching. You will have supervised teaching sessions where you will lead a class and receive feedback from experienced teachers and your peers. This hands-on experience helps build confidence and refine your teaching skills. You will learn how to create effective class sequences, give clear instructions, provide modifications for different levels, and create a safe and inclusive space for your students.


Embark on a transformative journey with this carefully curated routine. Begin your day at 7:30 am with a rejuvenating session of meditation and morning movement, allowing your body and mind to align in perfect harmony. Fuel your energy with a nutritious breakfast at 9:30 am, preparing yourself for the knowledge-filled hours ahead. Delve into the realms of anatomy, traditional Chinese medicine, and mind-body awareness from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm, expanding your understanding of the intricate connection between body and soul. Take a short break to recharge, before diving into the art of teaching methodology from 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm, honing your skills to inspire and guide others on their yoga journey. Savor a wholesome lunch at 1:30 pm, nourishing not just your body but also your spirit. Dive deeper into the practice with Asana clinic and practice teaching from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, refining your postures and sharing your wisdom. Finally, surrender to the blissful practice of Yin yoga from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm, embracing deep relaxation and inner serenity. This routine promises to awaken your true potential and ignite the fire within.

Physical and Emotional Input

YTT courses can be physically and emotionally demanding. The intensive practice of asanas can challenge your physical limits and push you out of your comfort zone. You may experience physical soreness and fatigue, but with proper guidance and support, you will gradually build strength and flexibility. Emotionally, YTT can be a transformative journey. It may bring up unresolved emotions or provide a space for personal growth and self-reflection. It is important to approach the course with an open mind and heart, embracing the process of self-discovery.

Yoga Alliance Certification

Upon successful completion of a YTT course, you will receive a yoga certification. The certification is usually recognized by Yoga Alliance, a globally recognized organization that sets standards for yoga training programs. This certification allows you to teach yoga professionally and join the community of registered yoga teachers worldwide.

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