200hr yoga teacher training in Bali

    200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Bali

    At Inner Yoga Training we believe in creating greater balance in life and have designed our 200-hour yoga teacher training course bali with this in mind. We combined our modern and mindful approach of everyday lifestyle with centuries-old concepts.

    Yoga teacher training programs at The Inner Yoga Training are based on Yin Yang concepts and teach you how to live in balance and harmony. 

    Yin Yang lies within everything including the human body. Our Yin side is our slow, soft, and more quiet energy. In comparison to our Yang which is our fast-paced and active energy. Due to our hectic lifestyles, we often neglect our Yin as we are constantly trying to find a balance between work, family, and personal time; taking us out of balance overall.

    Our 200-hour vinyasa and yin yoga teacher training in Bali offers a unique concept that teaches you how to harmonize these two energies through two different styles of yoga; Yin and Vinyasa with time dedicated to Yoga Nidra, Meditation, and Mindfulness techniques.

    What is Vinyasa yoga: Vinyasa yoga frequently referred to as flowing yoga style, is a dynamic exercise that synchronizes motion with breath.

    This fashion focuses on easy transitions between poses, developing a seamless drift of strength during the body.

    With its emphasis on non-stop movement, Vinyasa yoga builds strength, flexibility, and endurance, whilst additionally advertising intellectual readability and relaxation.

    What is Yin yoga: Yin yoga offers a more introspective and meditative practice.

    Rooted in the principles of Chinese Taoist philosophy, Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body, such as ligaments, tendons, and fascia.

    Rather than focusing on muscular engagement, Yin poses are held for an extended period, typically ranging from three to five minutes or more.

    What you Will Learn 200 Hour Yoga Training Retreat

    1. Anatomy & Physiology

    Learn about the key systems of the body (skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous) and how your yoga practice influences and affects how they function. We look at aesthetic vs functional alignment in poses and why someone may not be able to get into a pose. This will enable you to become a certified yoga teacher to teach safely all your students and learn more about your own body. We dive into the fascinating world of fascia and its role in the body, emotions, and yoga.

    2. Key Vinyasa Poses

    Learn the foundational vinyasa poses and sequences that form a vinyasa yoga class. Our fun hands-on posture clinics will allow you to explore more intermediate and advanced postures for your own practice such as inversions and arm balances. Apply your new knowledge of functional alignment in pose modifications, contraindications, and prop use. Gain an understanding of the energetic qualities of different poses and their health benefits.

    3. Key Yin Poses

    Learn the fundamental 26 yin yoga poses and their variations. You will be confident to teach functionally to accommodate skeletal variation in all students. Become confident in offering props to increase or decrease a stretch. Learn the 14/10/7 approach to yin as developed by yin yoga founder Paul Grilley as well as the Meridian system from Traditional Chinese Medicine. You will know how to sequence and theme a class using both systems.

    4. Art of Adjustment

    Develop your skills to connect with your students by giving intelligent and sensitive adjustments in a way that makes them feel safe and supported. Learn when it’s appropriate to touch and how to use your voice to guide students in their own adjustments. Understand the ethics behind appropriate adjustment.

    5. Voice Activation

    Through workshops for yoga teaching certification, we will help you find your unique voice to use in your teaching. This is also an important life skill to be able to express yourself in the world. You will have the vocabulary you need for effective teaching cues that will give you the confidence to start teaching. Discover how to use your voice to influence the mood of your classes.

    6. Teaching Methodology

    Learn how to hold space and what the role of a yoga teacher is.

    7. Practice Teaching

    You will start practice teaching early in the training so you quickly become comfortable and confident. Initially, you will practice one on one, then in smaller groups, and finally to the larger class. Teaching is in a safe, non-judgmental space with fellow students and is designed to discover your unique qualities.

    8. Meditation and Mindfulness

    Meditation and Mindfulness can add a deep and meaningful experience to a yoga class at YTT in Bali. Explore a variety of meditation techniques to use for your own practice and in your classes. Understand how Mindfulness practice can enhance your daily life.

    9. Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Gain knowledge in the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine including Yin Yang philosophy, 5 Element Theory, and 3 Treasures. During the 200 hour yoga ttc in bali  you will learn the 12 main Meridians in the body and the 2 extra Meridians and how to apply these in theming and sequencing of both vinyasa and yin yoga classes. It will also give you an alternative system of well-being to live your life in balance as you discover how the Meridian system connects to different organs in the body and your emotions.

    10. Business and Ethics

    Now you have completed the Bali yoga teacher training 200 hour what next? We’ll give you tips and ideas to help you market yourself to studios and how to run and promote retreats and workshops. As a certified yoga instructor, you have a responsibility to yourself and your students to act in an ethical way. We use yoga philosophy as a basis to guide you in how you can conduct yourself as a teacher.

    11. Yoga Philosophy – The Science Behind the Practice

    Understand where yoga has come from and how it has developed into the modern yoga practice we know today. We will explore the different forms of yoga and study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Delve into Ayurveda, discover your unique dosha, and discover how to live in balance using this ancient science.

    Who is this training for?

    Teach Anywhere in the World with a Yoga Alliance Registered School

    When you complete your 200 hour yoga instructor training for yin and vinyasa in Bali with Inner Yoga Training you will be certified to teach both vinyasa yoga teacher training Bali and yin yoga teacher training in Bali. Understanding the key principles of each practice, their benefits, and unique teaching styles will ensure you are a well-rounded and versatile teacher when you graduate. By offering these two complementary styles of yoga in one training means you don’t need to do additional training to be able to teach yin, vinyasa yoga teacher training in Bali and it certainly doesn’t mean that we compromise on the content or quality of the training. Many vinyasa trainings fill in their afternoon schedules with extra asana clinics and a second vinyasa practice. We fill in your afternoons by teaching you how to become a yoga instructor certified yin, vinyasa yoga teacher training in Bali.

    Inner Yoga Training is a 200 hour vinyasa yin yoga teacher training in Bali Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. That means that on successful completion of all course requirements you will be awarded a 200-hour Certificate that allows you to apply for your Yoga Alliance RYT200 Registration, which is the most recognized certification worldwide.


    What Your Day Will Look Like

    We aim to keep each day varied and interesting for you. You will have a variety of lectures, fun asana clinics, practices, and surprise sessions to keep you moving. The daily schedule can change depending on the energy of the group and the amount of material the teachers can cover in a session but generally, your day will look like this:

    Kind Words from Our Students

    Kind Words from Our Students


    We have a range of options to suit your budget.
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