Why I chose to do my yoga teacher training in Bali

Well, 2022 is just about finished, and boy has it ended differently to how I thought it would.

Did I have a clear idea about how this year would end? Maybe not, but this is most definitely different to how I had pictured it. The best part is, it’s almost exhilarating but in a few days I’ll fly to Bali to join a 200 hour yoga teacher program with Inner Yoga Training.

Let me briefly talk you through this year. I resigned from two jobs and was let go from another two. The most recent one was quite a shock to me, and I am possibly still processing it. December is one of the worst times to be out of work in Australia, it’s the summer holidays and most people are not hiring. Aside from that, I was feeling like a complete failure, not to mention the turmoil of having changed industries and it not working out – you get the picture!

I could have booked an escape retreat:  Bali, Thailand, Hawaii. Seven days of pure bliss. Lying around the pool basking in the sun, an occasional yoga class, fresh food, probably lots of cocktails and plenty of down time. Down time to fester in all my feelings, and without guidance that can be a slippery slope. Somehow, this style of break didn’t feel right for me.

The idea of completing my yoga teacher training has lingered in my mind for a while.  I can’t say I have been loyal to my yoga practice over the last few years as I once was. I occasionally hit the hot yoga studio here in Melbourne, but there was nothing driving me to go more or commit to my practice. I struggled to find a class I felt comfortable in and that I enjoyed. Also, my yoga practice is not perfect, my chaturanga is on my knees and sometimes I have no idea what the yoga teacher is saying. Plus, in the western world where yoga is usually about the pose or asana, I was constantly overwhelmed with intimidation and comparison (eek, I know, the thief of joy). 

For me, participating in a yoga teacher training course in Bali is a chance to find a deeper understanding of my own practice. Who knows, I may come home being able to do a full chaturanga!

It’s the opportunity to really leave the ego at the door and practice just for me (see ya intimidation and comparison) . Along with that, I look forward to learning about meditation, yogic philosophy, teaching methodology, and of course, the asanas (how to sit in them, teach them and correct them). I know that many people don’t realize that Yoga is much more than the Asana (the poses), I must admit though, I can’t wait for the daily morning Vinyasa and evening Yin classes. Still, as much as I am excited about becoming yoga strong, I am equally giddy with excitement to be exposed to all the knowledge that is required before, during and after the pose. 

I had never really considered doing my yoga teacher training in Australia. Truth is, any chance I have to go overseas, I grab with both arms. Having been to Bali several times, it seemed obvious. Whenever I am there, even amongst the chaos, I feel calm, carefree and me. Known as the ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali has become notorious for healing, rejuvenation, and magic. It’s a unique place yet the perfect one to complete my yoga teacher training. Yes, a lot go to party, but if you look around Ubud, you are surrounded by timeless culture, gratitude, and spirituality.

The thought of leaving the real world behind for a little while and being completely immersed for three weeks in practice and learning started to ignite a fire inside of me. Spending time with like-minded others in Ubud, surrounded by lush rice fields, tropical jungle, and a supportive yoga community. For me, I am pretty sure this is exactly what I need.

Inner Yoga training promises that this will be an experience that will transform my life forever. They say their ‘training focuses on achieving a perfect balance between mind and body to reach a more blissful state’. Their ethos of authenticity, inspiration, vision, community, and support resonates with me and my desire to be more authentic, to live a healthier life – physically, mentally and spiritually – to do better, for myself and to others.  

So, with an open mind and an open heart, my bikinis, sunscreen and loads of yoga leggings are just about packed.

No more namastay in bed, it’s time to namaste for real!

Ricci Mishel Sauler