The Spiritual Side of Yoga in Bali

The Spiritual Side of Yoga in Bali

Many travelers from around the globe, specifically yogis and yoga teachers alike dream to travel to Bali, the question is why?

Bali is rated one of the top holiday destinations because of its variety of sceneries, mouth-watering food (not to mention it’s cheap!), and community of yogis alongside its abundance of Hinddhu culture. But trek away from the typical tourist hot spots here and you’ll be met with a spiritual side of Bali in Ubud. Today Inner Yoga Training takes a deep dive into this spiritually awakening place of Ubud and its links to yoga.

Did you know, the Island of Bali is an energy vortex that is also the location of the Earth’s Kundalini energy? This energy is formed by its two large Ley Lines which intersect and have great power in the cleansing and rejuvenation of our own soul and body as well. The epicenter of this power resides in Ubud, a holy place where island locals have traditionally come to drink the holy water and bathe in the nearby holy springs centuries before we were here!

This may explain why Ubud, where many yoga teachers training reside, has become one of the most famous yoga meccas in the world. Imagine completing your 200hr yoga teacher training in a location filled with transformational energy, aging temples, lush green rice paddies, and dense, wild jungles. It is undoubtedly providing the ideal place which provides a serene atmosphere to focus on healing, deepening your practice, and any transformation you may be looking for in your life.

Ubud has become a one-stop shop for everything related to bettering your health and well-being because of its Kundalini energy. If you search for yoga alliance or yoga teacher training in Bali you’ll be met with endless options residing in Ubud itself – which can be overwhelming! So we’re glad you’ve stumbled across our page. Inner Yoga Teacher Training has crossed your path for a reason, guided by the spirits of Bali itself you may be looking to become a yoga teacher or just deepen your practice.

Through what we’ve learned residing in Ubud for countless years we’ve carefully designed our 200hr yoga teacher certificate on basis of inspiration, enlightenment, and wonderful transformation. Building Azadi Retreat from the grounds up, our venue has been specifically designed to best support the principles and practices of yoga, including comfort when rest time is highly needed!

That’s not to mention a community of teachers we’ve carefully handpicked from the Ubud community to guide you during your yoga training in Bali, including teachers of Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, TCM, and anatomy plus so much more. The time is now to make the changes you’re looking for in life, to transform within your yoga journey, and become a guide to others with Inner Yoga Training; your home away from home.

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