3 Reasons why a yoga teacher training in Bali might just be the path for you

3 Reasons Why a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Might Just be the Path for You

Those of us who don’t appreciate or enjoy strenuous exercise like going to the gym to weightlift or high-intensity cardio tend to look for an activity more calming and relaxing. Something we can easily start our mornings with before work without rushing to get there on time! And a clear choice of light exercise that has drastically grown in popularity over the years is indeed yoga.

Yoga is diverse in its many shapes and forms. If you’re looking for something more active and engaging then Vinyasa is for you, but if you’re looking for something leaning towards slow and calm for beginners then Yin and Hatha are great choices. Therefore because of yoga’s vast diversity in types, we often find a certain type that resonates with us the most and that we can easily incorporate into our everyday busy bee lives.

But behind closed doors, you may be looking for more than just practicing yoga as a hobby. You may be looking for a way to deepen your practice or make a career out of it. In this article, Inner Yoga Training dives into the 3 top reasons many of the students that cross our path decide to join a yoga teacher training and why you should in 2023!

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

There’s no doubt about it, doing a 200hr yoga teacher training is not always easy. Because most courses are intensive you’ll require discipline, determination, and the physical endurance to practice and learn every day for a matter of weeks. It may also be a difficult decision to leave or take a break from your existing job, family, and home country to leave for yoga teacher training in Bali.

But the feeling of completing yoga teacher training and becoming a certified yoga instructor is priceless, words can’t describe it! You’ll get a sense of accomplishment and excitement to embark on a new career path. Are you ready to step out of the box?

Do it for your emotional wellbeing

Yes, yoga is classified as a great form of exercise, but there’s more to it! Yoga is mainly about mindfulness; this means easing the mind and creating a deeper understanding of yourself. During the best yoga teacher training in Bali, you will typically see asana clinics aimed to resolve the battles you may be facing in your mind. Inner Yoga Training also offers pranayama morning sessions aimed to help you build a connection with everything that surrounds you and to learn to live in the present moment. Even though yoga teacher training is often used to learn and gain knowledge, you’ll find yourself enjoying the practice more as you’ll understand your intentions for doing it.

To begin the journey of self-exploration

Self-exploration is a practice of mindfulness, just like yoga is, do you see the link? Self-exploration means taking a look at your own feelings, thoughts, behavior, and motivation and asking why. During your 200hr yoga teacher training you practice both yoga and mindfulness that’ll help you look into the roots of who you are. Trust us, you’ll begin to find answers to questions you have about yourself.

Last but not least, you will experience an incredible boost of self-confidence. You’ll appreciate that you took the step to change your life and pursue a career in your favorite hobby. Through the absorption of knowledge during your yoga teacher training, you learn to soon be confident enough to step in front of a class and take them on a journey in yoga as well.

Thank you for tuning in with inner Yoga Training and we hope to see you soon during our 200hr yoga teacher training in Bali. If we haven’t convinced you enough, feel free to check out our upcoming dates and all-inclusive prices!

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