Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Awaken Your Inner Goddess – International Women’s Day

Awakening your inner Goddess is to connect with your feminine energy. But what does it actually mean? You might have heard a yoga teacher mention it in a class “Connect with your feminine energy” or “Awaken your inner Goddess”. If you decide to do your yoga teacher training in Bali, you’ll definitely hear it as the island itself is often lovingly referred to as “Mamma Bali.” To be in your feminine energy means to be free-flowing and expressive; to not base decisions solely on expectations or social norms. Being in your feminine energy provides you with the opportunity to follow your intuition and be your utmost creative. Connecting with this energy can teach you to live in a flow state led by the heart rather than a rational state ruled by the mind.

So often we, especially women, suppress or ignore this creative, intuitive side of ourselves to fit in with the expectations of others or societal norms. But it is an incredibly powerful energy that resides in all human forms. Most of the ancient traditions, including the yoga tradition, have recognized and worshipped the divine feminine. However feminine energy and its links to yoga can go unrealized when the practice doesn’t invite you to explore a softer, slower more intuitive flow. One of the intentions of yoga is to find balance. We can achieve this by balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us. When these two energies are in harmony, we are able to benefit from the characteristics of each. It is not gender-based, rather feminine and masculine are characteristics of different types of energy that reside in everyone. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that by maintaining a balance between these two energies (Yin and Yang) we can achieve homeostasis in the mind, body, and soul. When they are out of balance, we can become sick.

Understanding the energetic qualities of the different Chakras (energy centers) in the body is another way of opening up to your inner Goddess. Different yoga poses, intuitive dance, meditations, and breathing exercises can help open up the different centers. If you would like to connect more with the feminine aspect of yourself, you can focus on the sacral and heart chakras which will help to power the yin feminine energy within us. When yang is dominant in the heart, we often starve ourselves of energy by putting other people before us. By not looking after our own needs, we end up giving too much and depleting ourselves. You may find yourself reacting rather than responding to situations or becoming overly sensitive about small things that never used to bother you because you are overwhelmed and depleted. When this happens, we can turn to feminine energy to replenish ourselves and introduce softer, quieter practices such as yin yoga. Ways to connect with the heart chakra to empower your incredible femininity, include repeating positive affirmations about love during your meditation, practicing yoga asanas that open up the heart like backbends (of any sort), or using healing stones with vibrational love energy like rose quartz.

The sacral chakra is often associated with your beautiful sexual organs. When this chakra is out of balance you may experience reproductive issues or pain during sex. Unblocking this energy point is vital in boosting creativity and confidence and unlocking the divine feminine power we have in us that is powerful enough to create a life. Similar to the heart chakra, we can unblock our sacral chakra through specific yoga poses, such as camel pose, bound angle pose, and garland pose. Affirmations, stones like moonstones (to increase fertility), and meditation that evoke the water element are also extremely powerful to help you unblock your sacral chakra as well. Practice these daily and watch as you awaken the inner goddess within you!

Often times our yin, feminine energy, gets neglected due to our everyday busy lives. As we’re always on the move in a fast-paced life to get to work on time or meet strenuous deadlines, our yang takes control, dimming the light of our yin feminine energy. During your 200 hour yoga teacher training with Inner Yoga Training, we guide you to balance these opposing, and often imbalanced Yin Yang energies through two different yoga practices. Being a double-certification course, we aim to balance the masculine through vinyasa yoga to amplify strength, movement, and power, and the feminine energy through yin yoga and meditation. If you are seeking an experience to help you open up to your divine feminine energy through daily meditation and yoga practice, then we invite you to Inner Yoga Training’s 200 hour YTT or 100 hour yin yoga training in Bali. It also gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded women on the same journey as you. What are you waiting for?

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