15 Mins Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Beginners

15 Mins Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Beginners

Yoga has been one of the most lucrative exercises that one can do to keep oneself hale and hearty. Apart from making you physically fit, it also rejuvenates you mentally. One of the most lucrative forms of yoga is the Vinyasa Flow yoga practice. While the benefits of this practice are spread far and wide, we still, wanted to take you through the major ones. In this blog, Inner Yoga Training, the best yoga teacher training in Bali, will be telling you how beneficial this 15-minute yoga practice can be for beginners. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.  

A sneak-peek into Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga asanas are a form of meditative exercise. When we talk about Vinyasa yoga, we tend to emphasize each of these asanas which can greatly influence the way the body functions and also impact our mental health. Vinyasa yoga asanas help to speed up the entire body increasing energy expenditure which aids to boosts metabolism, burning fat, and losing weight in a fluid and smooth way. This type of yoga aims at detoxifying, balancing, and revitalizing the system and its functions. Asanas and breathing exercises stimulate metabolism and heart rate. There are key differences between Vinyasa practice and other types of yoga. While Hatha yoga focuses on holding an asana for several moments, Vinyasa yoga is more fast-paced. Why should we practice it, then? Well, here are some of the most lucrative benefits of Vinyasa yoga:

  • Perfect for improving cardiovascular health.

Since it is more fast-paced than other types of yoga, it is exceptional for those who want to utilize it as a way to increase cardiovascular health and build endurance

  • Build some strength and increase your flexibility.

 That said, there are always ways to modify if you haven’t worked up to a swift tempo. At Inner Yoga Training’s upcoming Bali yoga teacher certification, we are also offering simplified and slowed-down beginner classes. With the help of these classes, a beginner can easily master the fundamentals of Vinyasa yoga. This is one of the best ways to increase your flexibility and even build some strength with dedication.

  • Enhance your breathing movement.

At Inner Yoga Training, a great self healing retreat in Bali, we often ask our attendees to think of Vinyasa as rhythmic, repetitive yoga that links breath to movement. Given the plethora of lung diseases we are surrounded with, it’s a great way to keep your beloved organ healthy.

  • Find your inner compass.

As a meditative approach to movement, Vinyasa also helps to get you out of your mind and into your body to find presence. While you may not feel so right away, your mental agility will evolve over time. Vinyasa practice encourages you to come back to the present moment. It helps you to find your inner compass. You can try this out at one of the best retreats of Bali -the  Azadi Retreat in Bali amidst lush green rice fields and panoramic views of Mt. Batur.

Vinyasa Poses for Beginners

Inner Yoga Training as well as Suksham retreat in Bali has been known for teaching experts as well as beginners the fundamentals of Vinyasa yoga. Here is some common Vinyasa poses that you can try as a beginner:

  • Downward-Facing Dog

From a tabletop position, curl your toes into the mat and lengthen your legs, lifting your hips to the sky. If you are a beginner, then simply bend your knees.

  • Upward-Facing Dog

Begin by lying facedown on the mat with your legs extended straight behind your body. Place your palms on the mat next to your shoulders. Then, extend your arms straight to lift your upper body while simultaneously and gently arching your back and lifting your thighs and shins off of the floor.  If you are a beginner, then you can keep your hips on the floor.

  • Chair Pose

Stand tall with your feet at a hip-width distance. Bend into your knees and sink your hips. Tilt the bottom of your pelvis upward. Elongate the back of your neck as you look four feet in front of you to the ground. Lift your hands up to the sky, keeping the ribs knitted together. Beginners can place their hands in the prayer pose at the heart center.
Sounds worth-trying? Well, Inner Yoga Training brings to you a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali wherein you can master Vinyasa yoga from scratch. Enroll now at https://inneryogatraining.com/ and enjoy the benefits of this yogic practice.

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