3 Best Locations for a Yoga Teacher Training in 2023

3 Best Locations for a Yoga Teacher Training in 2023

Yoga instructor training Bali has been one of the most in-demand learning and development activities. What’s more, to it is that it isn’t constricted to the teaching aspect. One gets to rejuvenate one’s senses as well as incorporate calmness in oneself. This is something that is hard to catch in this fast-paced world. Henceforth, yoga teacher training serves as an important link to one’s inner self. Today, in this blog, Inner Yoga Training will be telling you about three terrific locations where you can get a lucrative yoga teacher training course in 2023. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s spread our yoga mats and get started.

The Best Locations for Yoga Teacher Training in 2023

For the past decade, people from nooks and corners of the world come to the island of Bali for spiritual and transformational experiences, as well as to enjoy the beaches, surf the waters, and immerse themselves in the culture that is very welcoming in this island. This has made Bali gain the reputation of the hotspot of yoga centers, spiritual wellness, and whatnot in the world. Guess what, the three best locations for yoga teacher training in 2023 are rooted in Bali only. These Bali yoga teacher trainings are:

  • Azadi Retreat, Ubud, Bali 

This fast-paced world has taken a toll on our mental health. A majority of us feel underconfident, anxious, stressed, toxic, and whatnot. This is where yoga steps in. With the help of yoga practices, one can calm oneself, and become a better and more stable individual. Indulge in self-love and self-care in the lap of nature with Azadi Retreat’s 200 hour yoga teacher training Bali. In this course, one is taught not one but two different styles of yoga. One is yin yoga and the other is vinyasa yoga. Learning these two separately can be time-consuming and will cost you a fortune. But at Inner Yoga Training, we teach these two different styles from beginner to advanced level. Enroll now for this 200 hours yoga teacher training in Bali.

At Suksham Retreat, a 100-hour yoga teacher training in Bali is extended wherein one can master the fundamentals and poses of the yogic style of Yin. On diving deep, you will get to know that the word “yin” comes from the Chinese concept of “Yin Yang” propagated by the Chinese philosopher Tao. Here, “yin” and “yang” refer to contradictory forces whose harmony is imperative for leading a good and happy life. Starting from the fundamentals of the Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang to the theory of the yogic principles, from the four stages of yin to the three trigger points where these stages can be systematically adopted, from the various compression theories involved to the rebound phase, we will teach you anything and everything that concerns the yin yogic style. A special emphasis is laid on the anatomy of yoga. One will get to master the 14/10/7 model wherein 14 is the number of skeletal segments, 10 is the myofascial groups, and 7 are the archetypes of poses. 

  • Inner Yoga Training, Bali

Our daily lives are earmarked with stress, anxiety, remorse, exertion and to name a few. So, to stay calm and focused during our fast-paced lives, it is imperative to master yin yoga. In this training, we ask you to slow down, observe and rediscover the lost inner compass that gives you a proper direction in your life. Get the golden opportunity of teaching other people the same with Inner Yoga Training courses. Walk through lush green paddy fields, meditate amidst the panoramic Mt. Batur ranges, and go on holy water temple visits. Find your inner compass while understanding how to teach yoga to others at Inner Yoga Training. Brighten your future with a Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification and get to teach at more than schools that are registered with Yoga Alliance.

Sounds intriguing, no? Reach out to us to sign up for a first-hand experience of this yoga teacher training Bali. Visit https://inneryogatraining.com/ now. 

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