How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training- Why Bali?

So you’re looking to complete a yoga teacher training in Bali. You’ve been scrolling through the seemingly infinite number of 200 Hour vinyasa and yin Yoga Certification Courses for 2023, and it’s proving difficult to hone in on one. The idea of becoming a yoga instructor in Bali catches your eye – visions flash before you of practicing in an open air shala in the jungle, the gentle breeze caressing your skin on yet another balmy tropical day, exotic fruits and lush smoothie bowls awaiting you after class.

Why Bali? Bali is known as “Island of the Gods” due to the omnipresence of Balinese Hinduism and spirituality woven into the architecture and every aspect of everyday life. It has gained international notoriety over the years as a destination for healing, retreat, and rejuvenation for good reason. Bali is a land that must be experienced to be understood- the rugged coastlines, towering mountains, vast horizons of fertile rice paddies, and glimmering black sand volcanic beaches are only part of what makes time spent on the island so sacred. Beyond the natural landscape, the Balinese prayerful way of life is steeped in tradition and further contributes to the meditative and healing energy of the land. There are utterances of magic woven throughout everyday life on this island. It’s a no brainer- completing your yoga teacher training in Bali is the way to go.

Maybe you’ve practiced yoga for years and are ready to dive into teaching yoga as a career, or perhaps you are new to the practice and want to complete a yoga teacher training for a deeper understanding of your own practice. Either way, the search can be overwhelming- there are quite literally thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of yoga teacher training programs out there to choose from. You narrow your search to yoga teacher training in Bali – but still, there seems to be a countless number of options. What is your next step?

As you’re considering becoming a yoga instructor in Bali , not all training programs are created equal. There are a variety of factors to take into account when choosing the right program for you. Firstly, it is important to find a training that is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance – otherwise your training certificate will likely not be recognized outside of the program you trained with and it ensures that you are receiving a higher standard of training.

Secondly, it is important to dive into the ethos of the different programs you are looking into. Ultimately, there is so much to yoga beyond the physical, and while asana is no doubt a significant part, there is so much more that is essential to a basic understanding of the practice. Ensuring the program you choose offers yogic philosophy and history is essential for a foundational understanding of yoga. Learning yogic philosophy will not only deepen your intellectual understanding of yoga, but will also expand your ability to deliver an authentic class. When choosing a yin yoga teacher training in Bali, it is important that you choose a training that encompasses education that expands beyond asana.

Speaking of the physical, as asana is the primary aspect of yoga taught in the West, it is important to choose a program that has a comprehensive anatomy and physiology program. When it comes to anatomy, many yoga teacher training programs fall short. Acknowledgement of anatomical variation (everybody is a unique shape) is frequently ignored, which ultimately may cause injury to both your students and yourself as a practitioner. It is important to choose a yoga teacher training that explores anatomical variation and tension and compression theory to prevent injury. For so long it has been a blind spot in yoga that if you can’t do a pose it’s because you’re not flexible but a good yoga teacher training will look further than this and give you a much better understanding of the body.

Many yoga teacher trainings abide by rules, regulations and standards about what poses should look like and where the hands, feet, hips, shoulders should be. Alignment is often enforced based on the external appearance of an asana, and doing so as the primary focus of instruction may cause more harm than good in the long run. This is why it is important to ensure the training program you choose has a comprehensive anatomy and physiology module.

Becoming a yoga teacher in Bali is a big decision, and there are lots of factors to take into account. Inner yoga is hosting multiple 200 hours vinyasa and yin yoga certification courses in 2023 that tick all the boxes outlined in this post. Inner yoga offers yoga teacher trainings in Bali that include comprehensive anatomy and physiology teaching, yogic philosophy, and much more. It is a truly transformational journey. For more information, click here https://inneryogatraining.com/upcoming-ytt/.