A Lifetime of Transformation with a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

When choosing where, when, and how to complete your yoga teacher training, there are numerous considerations to take into account. Who to train with, what type of yoga to specialize in, where to train, and even whether to travel overseas to complete your training are just a few of the many things to think about. So, where to start? When choosing your yoga teacher training, the time commitment you are willing to make will steer the direction of which courses to choose from. Some 200 hour vinyasa yin yoga teacher training Bali are offered over a few months on weekends, while others are offered as intensives, meeting almost every day over the course of one month. Each is unique, but, if you are seeking a transformative experience beyond just learning how to teach yoga, an intensive 200 hour vinyasa yin yoga teacher training retreat in Bali is for you.

After you have decided whether you want to complete a more intensive immersion or a more spread-out program, you will want to decide if you want to complete a single-style 200 hour vinyasa yin yoga teacher training Bali, such as Ashtanga or Bikram, or whether a multi-style 200-hour training is more in alignment with what you are looking for. There are many benefits to choosing a course that will introduce you to various styles of yoga – namely if you start teaching and are confident and certified in more than one style of yoga it makes you a versatile teacher.

Inner Yoga Training’s 200 hour vinyasa yin yoga teacher training Bali certification in 2023 will certify you to teach both yin yoga and vinyasa yoga in their combined training. You will also gain an insight into the benefits and practices of yoga Nidra, mindfulness, and meditation which not only add depth to your yoga classes but your personal practice as well. In addition, you will learn the foundations of anatomy, yogic philosophy, voice activation to find your voice as a teacher, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and how to run retreats and market yourself as a yoga teacher.

If it is both education and personal transformation you are seeking on your 200-hour journey, an intensive 200-hour teacher training experience is for you. When it comes to personal growth and transformation, the immersive nature of a 200 hour vinyasa yin yoga teacher training Bali intensive is unparalleled. Compared to completing a training over weekends over the course of a few months, the learning is not just educational and mind based-it is experience based. You will not only learn about yoga, but you will also practice, live, and breathe it as well. While the experience is no doubt different for everyone, many who have completed an immersive month-long training will conclude that the experience was deeply transformational.

So- how and why are these 200 hour vinyasa yin yoga teacher training Bali immersive retreat experiences so transformative? First and foremost, the nature of the subject matter is transformative. The practices you are learning about, and partaking in, such as meditation, pranayama and yoga asanas (postures) were created to establish greater freedom in the body, mind, and being and cultivate a sense of balance within. Practicing and learning about yoga every day over the course of a month tends to bring things to the surface that are no longer serving you – whether it’s limiting beliefs, emotions, unreleased trauma, or unhealthy thought patterns. The amount of yoga you do during a month-long intense training has a way of stripping away the layers and transforming you in ways you never would expect. It is harder to do this when you are still involved in your daily life, chores, routines, relationships, and work commitments.

It is a very unique experience that you are able to devote one month to yourself and your personal transformation and learn about yoga at the same time. There is something very powerful and transformative in removing yourself from the day-to-day distractions of your life and immersing yourself in this type of experience. People say their relationships change for the better and they feel stronger and more confident in themselves after going through an intensive yoga teacher training. They are amazed at the transformation that can happen in such a short space of time and often release things that have been holding them back for years. In addition to the transformation, Inner Yoga Training’s unique yin-yang approach will help you in establishing balance on and off the mat, physically, energetically, and mentally.

While there are many factors to take into consideration, a 200-hour intensive is the way to go if you are looking to extend your yoga practice beyond the parameters of your yoga mat. If you are seeking transformation more than just your yoga teaching career, Inner Yoga Training’s 200 hour vinyasa yin yoga teacher training Bali certification in 2023 is for you.