How I Chose my Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

How I Chose my Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Deciding on a yoga teacher training is not like choosing a pair of Lulu Lemon leggings!  It takes a lot more thought and extensive research to find the one for you – the perfect fit.  Looking across social platforms there are so many Insta-worthy options but there’s a good deal to keep in mind if you would like to experience true transformation during the few weeks it takes to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training.  Upon my first immediate search for ‘yoga teacher training in Bali’ an abundance of options came up and I became overwhelmed by which one I should choose. I didn’t have the desire to go through all 200+ websites and compare one to the other so instead, I kept a few points in mind to make the journey of choosing a yoga training a little easier for me.

I had the desire to teach yoga but I wasn’t sure which style of yoga I wanted to choose specifically as in my own practice I often go to different classes. Many 200-hour yoga instructor training only offered one style of yoga. But as the determined person I am, I wanted to learn more than just one single type of yoga. I’ve tried everything from Hatha yoga to Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga, but with all the money and time I needed to devote to a yoga teacher training in Bali, I wanted to get the maximum out of my time and money investment!

I came across Inner Yoga Training in Bali and was amazed (in a good way) that they were offering what I was looking for.  Their 200 hour yoga teacher training covers both Vinyasa and Yin yoga.  I saw other yoga schools that offered yin classes as part of the training, but Inner Yoga Training is one of the few that will actually certify you to teach both styles of yoga.  I loved this idea as it would give me more skills and make me a more versatile teacher when asking studios for teaching opportunities.  I also liked that I could offer dynamic morning vinyasa classes and slow evening yin classes, especially if I wanted to run my own retreats.  It was a really nice balance. Considering these factors, I knew that Inner Yoga Training was the best yoga teacher training in Bali for me.

While Inner Yoga Training ticked off one of my main criteria, there were some other factors that I was looking for and one of them was anatomy and physiology.  I wanted to be able to teach my students in a safe and informed way. I was looking for anatomy knowledge that would help me empower my future yoga students to be able to listen to their own bodies and know what was right for them.  I didn’t want them to just follow lots of alignment cues from me.  I had learned through going to some classes that teaching students to trust their own bodies was the best way to prevent injury.  To my surprise, Inner Yoga Training also ticked this box.  

Their philosophy is based on functional anatomy which recognizes that not everyone can do every yoga pose due to their bones and body shape.  So many yoga teacher training courses teach alignment-based anatomy which says that everyone should look the same.  Inner Yoga Training on their website talks about how everyone is unique, and their anatomy is different so not all poses will suit everyone.  What is important is where in the body you feel a pose and how it feels, not what it looks like.  I also really liked that their anatomy teacher Dr. Menik Suyani is a medical Doctor, and a yoga teacher so has deep knowledge about the body but understands yoga as well.  

This brings me to my last point.  It is super important to research the instructors on a yoga teacher training in bali as well.  During my research, I found that many yoga schools have a vinyasa teacher who also teaches anatomy and philosophy.  They teach a little bit of everything whereas I wanted to be taught by people who had expert knowledge in the different areas of study.  This was another thing that resonated with Inner Yoga Training.  They have expert instructors for each different area of study.  What better way to learn than from people who had devoted years upon years of their life to anatomy or yoga philosophy or yin yoga or vinyasa?  I was confident that it would give me more knowledge and understanding.

The last 10% of my choice was about the type of environment I wanted to be in for my training. I didn’t want to be locked in a room daily for weeks on end.  If I was traveling all the way to Bali, I wanted to experience the culture and beautiful surroundings of rice fields and coconut trees.  I also wanted to have a residential experience so everything was taken care of for me including meals and accommodation.  I completed my yoga teacher training at Azadi Retreat where the yoga shala overlooks a serene jungle and rice fields.  The rooms were nice and clean, and the food was amazing!

Call it the power of manifestation but I got everything I was looking for with Inner Yoga Training.  I couldn’t wait to get to the Bali sunshine to become a certified yoga instructor. It was a dream come true starting my day with a stunning sunrise and a vibrant sunset.  The peace and quiet in the morning was amazing for my mental well-being yet we were only a short drive away from Ubud where there are lots of great cafés and shops.  It really was the best of both worlds.

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